Would you like to know how to effectively and quickly self-coach through your emotions, triggers and stressful situations in less than a day?

So you can:

  • Strengthen emotional bonds so you can create a more loving and supportive family environment.
  • Reduce parental stress so you can enjoy more quality time with your children.
  • Improve understanding between partners so you can navigate life’s challenges together more smoothly.
  • Enhance communication during conflicts so you can resolve disputes without damaging relationships.
  • Cultivate patience and tolerance so you can handle parenting challenges with grace and composure.
  • Encourage mutual respect so you can model positive relationships for your children.
  • Balance family responsibilities fairly so you can prevent resentment from building up between partners.
  • Foster a sense of teamwork in family tasks so you can teach your children the value of cooperation.
  • Increase empathy within the family so you can understand and address each other’s needs more effectively.
  • Develop clearer parenting strategies so you can provide consistent guidance and structure for your children.
  • Manage family time more effectively so you can ensure that everyone’s priorities are met.
  • Strengthen the parental partnership so you can present a united front in child-rearing.
  • Teach children about personal boundaries so they can develop healthy relationships outside the home.
  • Enhance problem-solving skills so you can guide your family through difficulties with confidence.
  • Cultivate a nurturing home environment so you can support the emotional and psychological growth of all family members.
  • AND understand yourself on a new level so you can stop using your past, your parents and your childhood as an excuse for not be-ing more today!

(Are those benefits enough, or do you need more?)

And have it last a lifetime?

Welcome to the BE book and Emotional Coaching Community

a unique and transformational perspective on navigating the why’s behind our emotions and their echoes that resonate through your life so you can…BE. And it’s not as hard as you think. (or what you think!)

You don’t need gimmicks, ra ra speeches, or fancy 15-module programs to change. your life or the way you look at things any more than you need a Formula 1 steering wheel to drive your first car.

There are three things that, when understood, will give you the insights to make the changes you need and stick with them. This will, in turn, give you confidence, calm, clarity, and a sense of BE-ing that you’ve probably never felt before on this level.

No fluff. No bumpf. No talking to you like you’re three years old.


1: THE CATALYST STACK – Everything from the past right up to the present moment that contributes to the scale of our emotions and reactions in the present situation/trigger/event.

2: THE BE ELEMENTS – Understand what triggers emotions and our reactions. These core four root elements (The BE-4) and states of be-ing cover the ingredients that form the recipes of emotions so you understand why you have the reactions you have now, how to deal with the ones that aren’t helping you, and know how to quickly become self-aware when you’re triggered in the future and deal with it quickly.

3: THE RAMP-IT FRAMEWORK – A process for evaluating every situation that contains what you need to make change stick.

I am looking for 200 professionals, couples or parents like you who:

• Struggle with emotions in at least one area of their lives, whether from the past or the present.

• Are into personal development and want to improve themselves and their relationships with themesleves, their partner and their kids.

• Are open to new perspectives.

• Know they could do better at work but get that “aarrrggghhh” feeling that overtakes them (from time to time!)

• Would like some group emotional coaching based on the BE Elements in the book.

• Would like to join a community of people who are like them and also have situations they struggle to deal with.

And don’t mind investing a measly $97 once to get access to the training, group coaching and the BE book as it’s being written, get some extra bonuses, and help launch the book when it’s published.

Why am I only charging $97 for this?

Because it’s a new perspective, new community and your input will help me and you at the same time.

And it’s only $97 one time?

Yes, not per year, not monthly. One time.

AND you’ll get access to that community, for a long, long, long-long time. We never stop learning about ourselves and the community will be here a long time for those times you need an ear, solution or new perspective.

AND… you’ll get access to all the bonuses, workshops, videos, cheatsheets and more that will be created for the launch as they are created and before anyone else!

And you’ll be able to ask questions and offer suggestions for the book and new members

And you’ll get instant access to my RAMP-IT Masterclass and all its bonuses immediately so you can start learning about self-coaching before you’ve finished reading this book! ($97 by itself)

What is this all about and why should you care?

Good questions. The book is about understanding the four root causes of our emotions, triggers and reactions, and why we hold onto them. It also covers the context and interplay between them and how it affects the emotion, reaction and level of the emotion. It also covers what causes them to be mild or extreme (aka the Catalyst Stack) and how to navigate this so you can “be” calmer, less reactive, able to regulate emotions and situations, understand other people, unravel past events, enjoy life and love more and possibly even heal emotional trauma.

It did for me, and it did it quickly once I really understood it. And I am an overly sensitive man who had a pretty rough childhood in England. I have many reasons to hold onto what was done “to” me and let it affect me and my children. And I did, for years.

I’ve seen the benefits people who only read the introduction have had, and they were incredible. The rest of the book digs deep without getting into chemicals, the brain, or blame. The goal is to keep this simple.

You want to be less reactive.

You want to understand and have better relationships with yourself, your partner, kids, teammates, friends, and even strangers, so they affect you less.

With this book. that will be possible, and the ripple effects of having this understanding will be with you for the rest of your life.

Big claims, I know. After writing my first book, There’s a Reason for That, and creating a masterclass and community on self-coaching, I kept being brought back to these four elements. I could see, instantly, how I was affecting other people and myself and why they were reacting to me, themselves and other people. More importantly, I learned to diffuse emotional situations quickly and painlessly.

Clarity is what we’re looking for. Simply, quickly and in a way that makes sense in the real world.

Welcome to the BE book and Community. – a unique and transformational perspective on navigating the why’s behind our emotions and their echoes that resonate through your life so you can…be.

Why a cat? Because they know how to just “be”!

Who am I and what makes me an expert on this?

Hi. Im Nolan Collins. A lifelong trainer in many industries and fields. I love teaching, training and helping people discover lightbulb moments that change their perspective and improve their lives.

Apart from being a trainer at heart, and a certified life-coach (although I don’t do life-coaching!) I’m a guy who, like many people, had a childhood and life full of excuses to have lifelong trauma.

Divorced parents – check

Bullied relentlessly at boarding school – check

Moved several times – check

Never felt understood as a child – check

A parent who was unaware of what’s in this course on sooooo many levels – check check check check!

Divorced – check

Had my kids tell me they hate me – check, check, check
(they don’t anymore! I have an amazing relationship with both of them now!!)

Nolan Collins

Me after Covid. Who knew I had such curly hair?

Just before Covid lockdown, I’d been researching behaviour, life coaching and what makes people do what they do. I was in a marriage that had broken down years before and was travelling a lot for work, spending more time with my apprenticeship students than my own kids. I was miserable on many levels; I enjoyed two things: My kids when I got time with them and teaching – especially teaching this new framework called RAMP-IT to my students who were at the beginning of their own journeys.

When Covid happened, I’d just started bringing this framework to other trainers and managers in the company I worked at, and it was a big hit. Everyone who attended saw themselves using it in more ways than the training I was giving them.

I knew I was onto something, so when I was made redundant, I knew I had to keep working on it. It took a few years to consume countless more podcasts, audiobooks and paperbacks, as well as several courses on life coaching and behaviour. All of this did one thing: It validated the fact that my simple framework was in everything.

Just like the Hero’s Journey is in every good movie, RAMP-IT is present in every life situation, shift, change, task, relationship, and goal—if you want it to succeed.

The BE Elements was initially a pattern I noticed when explaining the Mind/Body State of RAMP-IT. It became somewhat of an obsession once I realized just how powerful these four elements are in understanding our past and present and preparing us for the future.

So that’s me and my story in a nutshell. I’m passionate about helping people, training, and understanding how it all fits together. And here we are!

What do I want from you?

I only have a few requests:

1) Read the book as it is being written. You’ll be notified by email any day when I’ve made changes or added content.

2) Offer feedback. Does it resonate? How? Where?

3) Watch any training material as it is created.

4) Be prepared to share what you’re learning with your friends and family, and the book when it launches in June. Yes, June 2024.

5) Be honest. with yourself and me and engage with me and the community. It is a safe space!

6) Be prepared to give a testimonial that I can put either in the book, on the website or both.

7) Join the coaching sessions in the FaceBook group and ask questions.

Thats it.

What you’ll get from me:

  • Access to the community
  • Access to the foreword and introduction immediately.
  • Access to the RAMP-IT Effective Self-Coaching Masterclass and all its bonuses instantly
  • Regular updates on the book.
  • A weekly group coaching session.
  • Me, answering questions in the Facebook group almost daily.


If over 100 people join the community before the book launches, you will also get access to the next 5 planned books as they are being written. So please tell those people you know who are emotionally reactive, or just emotional, and want to know how to regulate themselves easier and faster.

I don’t know Nolan, how do I know this will work?

I get it. I’ve looked at programs, courses and communities and had thoughts come up that stopped me. Its new. I don’t know anyone. What if they know it’s me? What if my problems aren’t that bad? What if I look weird? Will this really explain what all those other books have missed? Is it really as simple as he’s making it out to be?

“I don’t know” is the truthful answer. I don’t know if you’re ready. I don’t know what you are determined to hold on to, but I do know why you do it, and you’ll find that answer in here! You can also post anonymously in the facebook group if you don’t want anyone to know it’s you.

What I also know is that I, my partner, my kids and friends all use what’s in this course, and my other programme based on self-coaching and we are all calmer and able to deal with stressful or reactive situations faster, easier and not let “shift” slow us down for long, or at all. If you take the time to learn and apply what’s in here, and really want to stop being controlled by your past and your emotions, then yes, it can work for you too.


Even though I’m based in the UK, I help people from all over the world, and it’s a more common currency for internationally accessible online programs.  I’ll be moving to a platform later this year that will show the price in your local currency.

It’s a low one-time investment for pre-launch access and access to the community and group coaching.  There will be other offers for more detailed courses that are completely optional.
Heck no!  Learning should be fun.  Ask my students how I feel about being serious all the time!  I can’t do it.

While whatever happened to you in the past was unhelpful, neither of us can change it.  What we can change is how we deal with the present and seeing as we only have one life, it’s best to try to enjoy it.  There will be some serious content and explanations at times. However, I like to have fun and inject some humour from time to time.  Well, at least I think I’m funny!

I don’t know.  I could say “of course” but I don’t know you.  I don’t know how open you are to new perspectives.  I don’t know what kind of grip your past and fears have on you.  I do know that if you’re open to new ideas and perspectives and actually want to let go of your triggers and fears, I’m pretty sure you’ll have some breakthroughs here.
Yes. the group coaching will either be AMA style (ask me anything) or training on a specific chapter with a Q and A afterwards for feedback.

I will also be in the group regularly to answer questions.

The coaching will continue as long as people keep joining, so tell your friends, family, co-workers, boss, and the checkout lady who looks as if she hates her life. (if that’s you, welcome!)
Yes. Everyone is accepted, and any discussions will be safe. I will not tolerate any judgments, hate speech, bullying, or anything like that. I doubt it will happen, as this is a space to understand why we have those thoughts, too!

This is not about what I think is right or wrong.  I have a mantra, which you’ll learn quickly: Is it helpful.

Yes.  My intended audience for the book is couples, professionals and parents. If you fit into any or all of those categories, you will benefit the most.

No, there is not, for two reasons:

1: This is a digital product, and you’ll be getting immediate access to this and other content immediately.

2: If you are already thinking about a refund, you will benefit a lot from what’s in here and won’t need it!