Simple + actionable = significant shifts — Transform your every day, shift and setbacks with ease.

Want to swiftly conquer daily setbacks and turn them into triumphs? Join our 90-minute RAMP, your SHIfT™ Shortcut to Effective Self-Coaching Masterclass, and tackle life’s challenges with a simple to understand and use framework you can use anywhere, any time, for any situation.

You’ve dabbled in personal development, scrolled through endless online videos and resources, and sampled various strategies for personal growth, confidence, relationships and every other situation and shift you’ve encountered, yet you’re still at a crossroads, wondering how it all fits together, feeling like you’re inches from a solution, but not sure what it is or how to find it.

Now it’s time to cut through the noise. This Shortcut to Effective Self-Coaching Masterclass is your beacon in the haze of self-help clutter. It’s designed for swift, tangible shifts and full-on transformations that streamline your journey from confusion to clarity. No more guessing what you need to think about, just clear, actionable steps that lead to consistent, daily victories.

The question of the day…

…is it really possible to self-coach through the myriad of situations and moments that trigger us every single day without needing to journal for days on end, watch a hundred motivational videos on YouTube or wait for your life coach to be free and throw the kitchen sink full of problems at them?

Or have one framework that can be used in ANY situation?

Spoiler alert: Yes, it is possible. Keep reading if you want to know how.

Picture this:

Something happens that takes you by surprise. You take a deep breath, pull out your handy little RAMP-IT™ Frame cheat card (included for free!) and …

You instantly feel calmer and feel your body relax

You find it easy to check in with yourself and your reaction

You follow a proven process to look at the situation objectively

Find resolve faster, with less drama and emotions, allowing you to come back to calm faster.

You celebrate the small win when you realise you handled the situation better than usual, and know you can do it again!

Now, I don’t have a magic wand or brain transfer device to get all this into your head, however…

Here’s how you understand self-coaching in ONE DAY with the RAMP your SHIfT Shortcut to Effective Self Coaching Masterclass

Part One – Set The Stage

We’ll set the stage for what’s coming, including learning 4 key things that affect how you approach self-coaching, life, changing habits and more.

Part Two – The Frame

You’ll learn the main four-factor RAMP Frame™ to evaluate each unique situation, in context to each other in seconds (most of the time) and know exactly what YOU need to work on to get through the situation.

You’ll also learn where your reactions, triggers and emotions come from in a way that makes complete sense (in about 5 minutes), and you’ll get a simple yet powerful phrase that interrupts your reaction instantly giving you time to think about what’s happening.

Part Three – Living it.

You’ll get examples of how to apply the RAMP Frame plus some extra one-pagers for different topics to help you implement it every day, even when you’re at the end of your rope. Includes, parenting, relationships, confidence, and more!

That’s right…

When you use the RAMP Frame for self-coaching, you don’t have to…

…feel the “need” to get emotional

…feel the “need” to blame someone

…call a lifeline for help as often

…trust tik-tok for help

…bring up or blame the past

…ever feel there is no solution

This could be the best investment you make in yourself this week, or your life!

When you understand The Frame, you can finally be one of “those” people who seems to be able to take everything in stride.

Do you want to know exactly how to self-coach yourself through even the tough situations and know you can self-regulate faster, making it your new normal?

Get Instant Access

The RAMP your SHIfT Shortcut to Effective Self-Coaching Masterclass

Download the workbook and cheat sheet, watch the video, and you’ll be taking that much-needed breath of relief before you know it.

Here’s what you get inside the RAMP your SHIfT Effective Self-Coaching Masterclass:

  • A 90-minute training covering The Frame in a straightforward way. No fluff.

  • A simple downloadable workbook to follow along and make notes
  • The best quick hack for interrupting a difficult situation
  • A simple way to identify which factor is “missing” when you’re stuck
  • A unique approach to understanding the 4 root causes of your triggers and emotions!
  • My go-to process for dealing with any situation that triggers me.
  • The simple outline for keeping unhelpful emotions at bay.
  • 5 Additional scenarios for implementing the RAMP Frame
  • The only thing you really need for breaking bad habits
  • The fastest formula to start, get unstuck or scale any situation for good.
  • A system you can use every day for the rest of your life!

  • NEW BONUS: A Private FaceBook group for Masterclass Members!!

AND you get these bonuses…

My first book, which has over 30 considerations of why we do what we do, in digital format.

AND a printable RAMP your SHIfT cheat card

AND a bonus video covering the IT factors

AND 2 additional videos for morning reflection and evening review

(No, you don’t have to write anything down if you don’t want to!!)

AND Access to a private FaceBook group to ask questions!

Get Instant Access

The RAMP your SHIfT Shortcut to Effective Self-Coaching Masterclass

Download the workbook and cheat sheet, watch the video, and you’ll be taking that much-needed breath of relief before you know it.

Short Video Walkthrough

90-minute walkthrough video of The Frame and how to get started

Step-by-step instructions

Downloadable guide with instructions, plus extra one-pagers for inspiration

Fill-in templates

RAMP-IT Cheatsheet to use again and again until it becomes a habit.

Nolan Collins

Hi, I’m Nolan, an experienced trainer, dancer, massage therapist and life coach. Oh, and I ride a motorbike with funky helmet covers to make kids (of all ages) smile!

In 2005, I hit rock bottom, losing it all and wasn’t self-aware enough to know why, and ended up living in a motel with my wife and kids. Fast forward to now, and life’s a whole different story – I travel with an amazing girlfriend, run a growing business, and write books to help people like us navigate life’s ups and downs faster and easier. I’ve been there, through successes and setbacks, battling procrastination and feeling like an imposter as a business owner, partner and father, at times struggling to finish anything I started.

I’m all about sharing what I’ve learned so you can skip the endless self-help marathons and get straight to the good stuff – taking charge of your happiness and success. I’ve had the privilege of guiding thousands to brighter places in their lives as a trainer in different industries, and now, I’m focused on showing you the quickest, most effective way to leap from where you are to where you want to be. Let’s make this journey together, transforming those shifts and the shit into your greatest victories.

After spending almost 25 years in the US, I returned to the UK in 2013 where I live with my fluff ball German Shepherd, Saxon.

Worried that this won’t help your specific situation or shift?

Or you’re too old or set in your ways? You’re not alone. Many people I’ve helped thought their situation was too complicated or it was too late to see new perspectives.

Yet once they saw how to break it down into easy-to-manage bites, in context, and knowing they WANTED to be calmer, happier and less controlled by their thoughts and emotions, finding a solution that fit them for their individual and unique situation became a lot easier.

The good news is that we address this right at the beginning, so you learn immediately that this works for anyone, whether you’re 9 or 99, if you want to improve your life.

What attendees say about the Masterclass

Nolan’s self-coaching course is engaging, leveraging his enthusiasm and real-life examples to illustrate key concepts effectively.
Jun, Teacher

After 30 years of teaching business owners how to think about their business and be great leaders, Nolan summed it all up in under an hour.  It makes sense, brings a lot of what’s “out there” together to give context to the myriad of self-help advice and any situation I could think of for work or home life.  Brilliant. Simple. Actionable.

Brian, Business Consultant, Husband, Father

I learn to overcome emotional responses by using the simple key phrases from RAMPIT, feeling instantly calm and clear,  feeling ready to find a solution. I learned to be more connected and more confident, understand my reactions and make logical rather than emotional choices. I learn to be present in the situation instead of finding my mind wandering around, thinking about a million things I need to be doing. It improved dramatically my relationship in family and at work. I did a lot of different courses, but RAMPIT does not just make sense, but I can use it in real situations immediately.

Elena, Wellness Coach, Mother

I enjoyed the session and have found  myself reflecting back on some of the principles and even quoting them to a friend who is struggling.  … The prompt card is essential at this stage.

Andi, Head teacher, Mother

“I walked away from the RAMP-IT Framework masterclass with a comprehensive toolkit for tackling life’s challenges. The framework’s holistic approach has equipped me with the strategies I need for personal and professional growth. Nolan’s breakdown of the material was invaluable, making complex concepts accessible and actionable. This masterclass is an investment in yourself that you won’t regret.”

John, Sales manager, father, husband

Nolan has a great way of explaining and helping me understand situations that I struggle with.  His process helps simplify and break down into manageable actions.  There seems to be a light bulb moment every time I use the RAMP frame!

Conor, Firefighter, Husband, Father

This is more than just learning another self-help method for a single situation or problem…

Sure, I created The RAMP your SHIfT Shortcut to Effective Self-Coaching Masterclass to give you a powerful time-saving shortcut to dealing with shift and difficult situations.

But it’s not just about learning the framework.

It’s about the ripple effect of being less stressed, more focused, less distracted, more connected with yourself and the people important to you. It’s feeling more confident, trying new things and stepping outside of your comfort zone because you’ll know that whatever comes up, whatever tries to slow you down, you can RAMP it and get on with it.

The Frame is for the people who may be new to self-coaching yet know they are almost there, one shift away from one or more things starting to flow better, who want a better life, want to be the change and be a better person, and the people who want to make a difference in other people’s lives too.

It’s also for the people who are already putting in the effort in personal development and want everything they’ve learned to make sense and have context to the rest so they can apply it in any situation and finally get over the last hurdle in those situations they know aren’t yet complete.

I remember the first time the Framework hit me and really made sense. That was the catalyst for all the good that’s happened since, and I want you to be able to look back in a year, or five, or ten years from now and know that learning this framework made a difference for you, too.

  • 1
    The Masterclass Training Video – 90 minutes of fluff free goodness.
  • 2
    The Printable RAMP your SHIfT Workbook – Includes more than what’s in the video!
  • 3
    The RAMP your SHIfT Cheat Sheet- Use it again and again until it becomes a habit.
  • 4
    The Printable RAMP your SHIfT Easy Reference Card – to keep in your wallet, purse, car, desk, kitchen drawer…
  • 5
    There’s A Reason For That Ebook – More goodness to understand yourself and others.
  • 6
    Full One-Pagers for the Extra Scenarios in the training – Simple guides for quick thinks on specific scenarios
  • 7

    Lifetime Access – Log in on laptops, phone or tablet anytime you want.

  • 8

    A lifetime of being able to solve “shift” and problems faster, easier, more confidently and calmer.

  • 9

    NEW BONUSMorning and Evening RAMP-IT Reflection Printables and Videos!!

  • 10
    And more bonuses are being added to enhance it all!
  • 11

    AND Access to a private FaceBook group to ask questions!

Would you like to be as happy as them >>>>

(Mugs coming soon!!)

The RAMP your SHIfT Shortcut to Effective Self-Coaching Masterclass

Download the workbook and cheat sheet, watch the video, and you’ll be taking that much-needed breath of relief before you know it.

Got Questions?

Yes, you get instant access to the Masterclass training video, the downloadable and printable workbook, the cheat sheets and the bonuses.

You get training on all 4 of the RAMP Frame factors (and a lot more)!

That’s great that you’re choosing to learn more about yourself and how to deal with life’s shifts and obstacles. The framework can be used at entry level or more complex issues.  The RAMP factors are present in every situation in some capacity.

What I’ve found is people with years of experience in business development, training and even other coaches like the way RAMP brings everything together under one roof and gives context to the most common factors used, talked about and trained on in life and self-coaching.

While we start with the basics of the Frame, if you have experience, you can take it further faster.

Yes!  You now have access to a new private FaceBook group where ou can ask questions about the framework and how to apply it.  I’ll be in there a few times a week to check in and answer questions.

YouTube is an incredible resource and I’ve collectively spent thousands of hours
learning from it. But only a fraction of that free content was good enough to become a daily practice that helped me self-coach myself and create meaningful results.

If you continue consuming random content without context to the rest of it, you’re going to be paying for the information in this course no matter what, but it’s up to you whether you pay for it with hours of your time, or for it to be simplified and condensed for you in one place.

I’ve pored through hundreds of videos and trainings so that you don’t have to. If you want to learn the ins and outs of self-coaching, regulating your emotions and overcoming triggers FAST and skip years of finding the knowledge yourself, this course is for you.

No.  This Masterclass been designed for someone with little to no experience in personal development, yet is detailed enough that even a seasoned coach can benefit from it.  There will be a program for coaches to use the RAMP Frame in the future.  Let me know if you’re a coach and would like more information on this.

Absolutely, yes!  The more the merrier.  It helps if you are both on the same page when it comes to looking at shifts and situations.

Even teenagers and young children can understand the concepts of RAMP.  Let the whole family watch! (under one roof! Please don’t share your login outside of your home!  There will be a business RAMP Masterclass coming later this year for teams)

The main video is an hour and the workbook has activities and extra material for reference as I assume you won’t just go through this once if you really want to understand and implement it.  I would say you could go through the entire training and workbook in under 2 hours if you’re in a hurry.

For the lifetime of the website.  I have big goals for RAMP-IT so it will be a long time.

Yes.  A cheat sheet is included, and there is an additional video with a walkthrough of how to use it.

There will also be an opportunity to get help presented at the end of the Masterclass.  This is optional.  See below.

I do not offer refunds as the course is immediately accessible and the supporting documents can be downloaded immediately.  I know the RAMP Frame works as much as anyone who can drive but doesn’t turn the car on knows the car still works.  You have to use it to get a result.  The only way to see if RAMP helps is to use it, and when you do, you won’t need to ask that question!

This course is for people serious about their growth and willing to invest in quality training to help with it.

No.  This is a masterclass trianing and includes support documents.  See below for additional help.
No catch.  You can take the masterclass and have the fundamentals of the RAMP four factor framework and even a cheat card to use anytime you feel overwhelmed or frustrated.

That said, self-coaching is not alone-coaching, and sometimes you need more help, have questions and want more examples. For that I offer a community ONLY for people who have attended the masterclass.  Details are at the end of the masterclass.  You do not need the community to benefit from the RAMP framework. However, it will only help you implement it faster in more situations.

The Community programme will be presented at the end of the Masterclass video.