RAMP your SHIfT™ – The Masterclass

Unlock your life with the Power of the RAMP-IT™ Solution-Focused Self-Coaching Framework

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Join us for an eye-opening live Masterclass, “RAMP your SHIfT™ – Back to Basics,” where we dive deep into the foundations of self-coaching and problem-solving using the transformative RAMP-IT™ Framework.

Whether you’re navigating life’s challenges or seeking to elevate your personal development, this masterclass is your gateway to mastering self-coaching techniques that can revolutionise your approach to life’s hurdles.

What can YOU get out of this?

Acquire a Robust Self-Coaching Toolkit: Equip yourself with a powerful toolbox, knowledge, and strategies derived from the RAMP-IT™ Framework to navigate life’s ups and downs.

Boost Your Self-Awareness: Elevate your understanding of your own mental and physical states to foster well-being and decision-making.

Develop Unshakable Resilience: Strengthen your ability to adapt and thrive in the face of adversity.

Enhance Your Interpersonal Relationships: Learn techniques to improve communication and deepen connections with others through authenticity and influence.

Achieve Personal and Professional Growth: Apply the principles of the RAMP-IT™ Framework to accelerate your journey towards achieving your goals.

Learn to assess any situation or shift: Apply the Frame to identify obstacles, strengths and the next step, sometimes in minutes vs hours or days.

Context: Learn how all the pieces of personal development fit together, relate to each other, and when to look at each one in any given situation.

Who is this for?

Lifelong Learners and Self-improvement Enthusiasts: Individuals with a voracious appetite for personal development and a proactive approach to tackling life’s challenges. You value practical, adaptable strategies that can be personalised to fit your evolving goals and circumstances.

Transitioning Individuals: Those facing or seeking change, whether in career, location, lifestyle, or personal identity. Our resources provide a roadmap for managing transitions with resilience, clarity, and purpose, turning potential stressors into opportunities for growth.

Professionals and Emerging Leaders: Ambitious individuals early in their careers seeking to carve out a niche for themselves, aspiring to leadership roles, or aiming to excel in their chosen fields. The Masterclass equips them with the tools to be purposeful, accountable, and influential, enhancing their professional trajectory and personal fulfilment.

Couples and Young Families: Partners and young families navigating the complexities of building a life together, from managing finances and career shifts to balancing personal and shared goals. Our framework offers strategies for communication, shared decision-making, and cultivating a supportive and growth-oriented relationship dynamic.

How You Will Benefit:

Adaptability to Life’s Shifts: The RAMP-IT Framework’s versatility makes it a powerful ally in a world of constant change, offering actionable insights and strategies that can be tailored to a variety of life situations and shifts.

Foundation for Lifelong Growth: By engaging with our resources early in their life journey, individuals and couples can establish a strong foundation of self-awareness, problem-solving skills, and resilience that will serve them throughout their lives.

Empowerment Through Self-Coaching: We empower our audience to become their own coaches, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to self-direct their growth and navigate life’s challenges with confidence and grace.

What else is included?

Unveil the Secrets of Self-Coaching: Learn how to apply the RAMP-IT™ Framework to become your own coach, empowering you to tackle life’s challenges with confidence and clarity.

Transform Challenges into Opportunities: Discover strategies to turn obstacles into stepping stones for growth and success.

Personalized Problem-Solving: Master the art of tailoring solutions to your unique life situations using a proven framework.

Enhance Mind-Body Awareness: Gain insights into aligning your thoughts, emotions, and physical state for holistic well-being.

Build Accountability and Resourcefulness: Learn how to set realistic expectations, review progress, and leverage resources effectively to achieve your goals.

Cultivate Influence and Authenticity: Explore ways to positively impact those around you while staying true to yourself.

All of this in only 120 minutes. Really!

What do you get when you attend the Masterclass?

The 90-120 Minute Masterclass – Pre-recorded or Live, your choice

Access to the Q&A Session after the masterclass (Live sessions)


The RAMP your SHIfT Workbook

The RAMP-IT Cheatsheets

Access to the recording online afterwards.

Access to my first book, There’s A Reason For That, in digital format

A special offer to join a community of people who want to improve their lives using the RAMP-IT Frame – Only available to Masterclass Attendees – You’ll find out why inside!