I am introducing my new partner program for people who are passionate about helping others improve their lives and would like to help their friends, audience or colleagues to make more than a dent in their emotional regulation efforts.

I believe everyone can learn emotional regulation easily and quickly and the BE Elements and RAMPIT Framework help with that in such a powerful and transformational way it would be a shame if I was the only one spreading the word. After all, I’m only one person.


The new partner program is simple:

  • If you have already registered for one of my programs, even the free workshop, you are already an affiliate and can log into your affiliate dashboard here.
  • If you have not purchased any offer yet, Click here to register
  • Go to your dashboard and get your link
  • New images, suggestions for emails and social posts will be added in July 2024
  • Talk about the ebooks, courses, free workshops or membership for self-coaching and emotional regulation on your own social channels or emails.

When your viewers register for a paid program, you get a 15% referral commission as my way of saying thank you for telling other people about me, my work, books and courses, and even the community, which is a recurring monthly subscription. Yes, you get paid every month for each person you refer.

PLUS… if anyone you refer goes on to refer others to my programs, you can earn 5% on their paid referrals too!

Everyone wins, and the world gets a little bit nicer, easier, calmer and happier!

Thats it. Click here to register and please use the same email you used to register for one of my products as you do for the affiliate program to make it easier to verify.

If you have any questions about the partner program, please email