RAMPIT RUNDOWN EBOOKS are the digital versions of my shorter books. The goal is to make these books short, concise, easy to read, practical and situation or topic specific. Where my first book was 90000 words, these are around 30000 each or less. Some may only be 5000 words and the price will reflect that.

The BE Elements and RAMPIT Framework are your foundational tools, like driving, they are the key elements needed to function effectively and be the best version of yourself. The RUNDOWN books, using the driving analogy, are like learning to drive different vehicles on different terrains in different conditions. These are your many ever-changing, ever-shifting life areas and daily situations. The basics of driving; using the accelerator, brakes, steering wheel and gears are constant, yet HOW you use them, and the resources they need to be effective changes depending on the vehicle, environment and objective.

Some RAMPIT RUNDOWN books will focus more on the BE Elements, some more on the RAMPIT Framework. Some may also focus more on one or two of the BE Elements or one or two of the RAMPIT Factors.

Each book comes with access to 3 things: The STOP, BE, RAMPIT Workshop, which is a one hour training explaining both frameworks at a conceptual level, the Ebook and an additional workbook with more self-coaching questions relevant to the topic.

These books will also be available on Amazon as paperbacks soon, and hopefully in stores by the end of the year.

If you have already registered to get the free training, you’ll also have got access to the additional offers that includes more training, cheat cards and more. You can visit that offers page here. There is also an option to join a community and get additional training, help with your own situations and more, including every RAMPIT RUNDOWN Ebook as it’s released, one-pagers for short situational self-coaching help and it’s only £97 per month! (per couple!)

A practical, insightful, easy-to-understand guide to emotional regulation and self-coaching yourself within a personal relationship. It IS all about you! When you can “be” your life gets easier!

A parent’s guide to self-coaching and emotional regulation. When you understand yourself, you understand your kids. When you model the behaviour you want…you can both “be”.

A practical guide to the one thing every parent wants their kids to understand, but often don’t themselves. Emotional Regulation. Get the Parenting ebook too and see a difference faster.

My full size books – digital format available with bonuses.

My daughter’s book(s)

What kind of dad would I be if I didn’t promote my daughter’s book too! After an accident where she broke her humerus clean in two, (it wasn’t funny!) Nia chose to do something about the lack of necessary training new motorbike riders receive in the UK between their CBT and the next qualification, leading to many unnecessary and sometimes fatal injuries. After getting additional help from a Motorcycle riding school director to ensure there is only good advice, her book is now available for purchase again.

Below is her first book. The other spaces are for the books she is working on. That’s a surprise, though. This is only available on Amazon as a paperback and ebook.